Elvis, Sinatra and US presidents and more have all passed this way. Welcome to the Spence Manor

The Spence Manor Motor Hotel was constructed in 1974 in the Mid-Century Modern style. It catered specifically to those in the music industry who sought luxurious, private accommodations. In 1979, the hotel acquired the adjacent Webb Pierce Swimming Pool, a unique 81-foot long guitar-shaped pool constructed by Webb Pierce (1921-1991) in 1977. The hotel was converted into forty-four private condominium units in 1986, maintaining their ownership of the Pierce pool.

The most famous guest of the Spence Manor Motor Hotel was Elvis Presley who frequently stayed here when he was recording around the corner at RCA Studio B. He would rent out the entire 6th floor and frequently stayed in this very unit! We have remodeled the space several times, but one thing we have not changed is the bathroom floor and commode. They are original from the days of The King.

You might notice that behind the curtains in the bedroom there is a huge window. This was left over from the days when this unit was a recording studio. Artists such as Chris Stapleton, Lee Greenwood, Josh Turner and Lonestar have recorded here. The living room is where Songwriters Joe Diffie and Kerry Kurt Phillips wrote “Pickup Man” and “Prop Me Up Beside the Juke Box” and more.

There is so much History inside these walls and on Music Row. Be sure to take a walk down 16th and 17th Avenues to take it all in!